At the InterLakoKraska 2016 exposition held in early March, Baikal Minerals presented its new brand of talc – TALCON Т-15. This brand was promoted as a high quality domestic product fully conforming to the chemical and physical parameters of Fintalc M15. 


     We have been actively working in the laboratories belonging to our customer companies to develop new formulae which would contain our talc TALCON Т-15, and yet the presence of a manufacturing engineer was for the most part not required, because TALCON Т-15 fully qualified as a substitute for FINTALC M15. The result of our collaboration with our customers was an article published in Chem-Courier magazine in September 2016.
     Baikal Minerals is currently open to cooperation with manufacturers with a view to further substitution of foreign fillers, not only Fintalc T15 and the like, but also the extra white talcs (98-99 CIE Lab)